Free Bank Charges for the First 12 Months, When You Become a Silver Customer.

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Online Account with Currency Exchange Services throughout the UK and Europe

Unbanked payment card and services

Our Card

With no credit checks required for silver customers, the Wikipay payment card is the ideal way to send and receive money with an online-based bank account. With Silver, Gold, and Platinum accounts also available, we’re here to help.

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Need to Pay Anywhere, Any Time, Anyone?

Our online payment platform also provides first-class currency exchange services to suit your needs.

Currency exchange services

About Us

Primarily serving customers online throughout the UK and Europe, Wikipay provides convenient currency exchange and payment services. With more than 30 years experience in the UK banking industry, we are ideally placed to provide online payment services for those who cannot start a bank account for any reason. Whether you need an account to receive benefits or you want to make multiple currency payments, our payment platform is just what you need. Get in touch with our company in London today for more information.

Why Choose Wikipay?

Why Choose [company_name]?

  • No Credit Checks (for Silver Account Holders)

  • Send and Receive Payments Anywhere, Any Time, Anyone

  • Online Banking

  • Pay Your Bills via Direct Debit

  • Available in UK and European Countries and Currencies

  • Receive Your Benefits and Wages

Multiple Currency Payments

Wikipay works in most countries around the world. Using your virtual or plastic card, you will be able to send and receive payments in numerous currencies, including:

Multiple Currency Payments

  • GBP

  • USD

  • EUR

  • JPY

  • INR

  • AUD

  • HKD

  • IDR

  • MYR

  • KRW

  • TWD

  • VND

  • THB

  • Crypto Currencies (Coming Soon)